Sunday, October 17 - 5th Day of Principle Photography


After a stupid rained out shoot the day before, Sunday was finally sunny and we could finally get back going on the cinematic behemoth that is BtN. Our goal for the shoot was to get a number of pick-ups and shots we missed way back in July (wholey crap, frigging July) for the fight between Ian and Dan. We had a crew of the usual suspects including but not limited to: Dan, Ian, Me, Steve and Perry (but he didn't come because he was dead), I mean the STUPID Emerson equipment cage SUCKS and forgot to put a MICROPHONE with the CAMERA. No frigging MICROPHONE - Good job douchies. So we couldn't even film his scenes because they were dialogue. Yah, so we used a Sony PD-150 for the days shoot. Yes, that's our 3rd different camera on this project and no, it won't make that much of difference, hopefully. It's almost exactly the same as the VX2000. In fact, I can't name a single difference aside from the color. So who even CARES.

Around 11 we gather back on the construction site on Avella way, just down the street from my house. We get a few car shots and a slew of disdainful looks from passersby. Andover drivers have no tolerance for mid-twenties moviemakers. I have no tolerance for them and their stupid faces. We finish up some pretty complicated shots involving Ian in his car, Me in my car, Dan on a bike and Steve manning the camera. Then I go into Ian's car and get some interiors and COMPLETELY smash my head on his rearview mirror and break it off (funny picture below). Even though we didn't have a mic, you can actually hear my skull cracking in the shot.


 I give the people's eyebrow and scratch my head as Ian tries to serve food that isn't there.


We thank Steve for his undying dedication to this project, send him on his way and start shooting the battle of epic proportions between Dan and me. We haven't done a fight scene in quite some time, so we expected a certain amount of rust. To our delight, Dan and I were just "back" so we high fived and stood around for a while talking about how sweet it felt then Dan kicked me square in the face (Not even kidding, his foot just covered the entire area from the bridge of my nose to my forehead. We'll add the shot as part of a blooper reel. It was perfect). We shoot around the most interesting, dynamic set we've ever had, do a number of finely orchestrated shots and high five some more. We end the shoot with just the coolest thing I've ever been a part of and watch a completely sweet sunset that didn't even make sense. 

Day five was a turning point for us. We finally got over a four month hump and got back to what we do best, making stuff that makes absolutely no sense. But seriously, it got us realizing that if we really try like we did on this day, we can produce some pretty cool stuff. Next shoot is scheduled for this weekend and it might just top the whole thing off. We will see. Until then, wet your pallet with these photos:


 Here, Ian shows Steve how to use this new-fandangled camera. Steve wonders why he feels like he's falling over.


 Dan has a bike. That we stashed in the woods. Behind a pile of rocks. That's it.


 Ian stepped in mud and lost his shoes. SOMETIMES YOUR SHOES WILL FLY OFF, when you make movies.


All our little duck are standing in a row! Oh little ducks!


 Ian wonders, "How did I get into this J.Crew catalogue?" Dan says, "I want buy what he's selling."


 To make this movie more real, we're going to take on our characters in our everyday personas, as evidenced by this picture. 


Here's that sunset. For some reason the sky didn't get yellow but the clouds did. This picture doesn't do it justice.


Our goal now is to complete BtN for November 15th and enter it in the Boston Underground Film Festival. Who knows if it will even be accepted, we don't really care. It's our best work and a hint of what we could do with more time, money and dedication. As usual, check out these stills and wipe the foam from your mouth with these.



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