Saturday/Sunday, October 22, 23 - 6th/7th Day of Principle Photography


This weekend was supposed to top off this incredible cinematic wonder, so of course, it didn't. We did however get about 90% of the way through, which for us is pretty damn good.

Saturday started at the Avilla road location to finish up my and Dan's fight. We wanted to do some stuff and had a bunch of ideas, but in the interest of not wasting anyone's time, considering Eugene, Perry and Steve had all taken time to show up and be in the movie, we decided we'd save it for another time. Their time is precious, just like their cute little faces!

We manage to complicate a fairly easy shot very badly and wind up wasting all their time anyways. Way to go, us. We keep shooting through the mess get ourselves into and manage to make it look pretty sweet. Some guy comes by in a pickup looking around the construction site and asking us if we're "f-ing" around with the equipment. I tell him no then ask him why he's using language like that with his five year old kid in shotgun. Then I also wonder why said child is not in a car seat in the back where responsible parents would put their children. For shame. He then laughed and was like, "Alright guys, you have good one," and I don't understand why he was so nice. Then, later on the really, really nice real-estate agent that was around the weekend before comes by and just asks "How's the movie coming?" I can't believe that any adult (a rich real-estate agent driving a Mercedes, no less) would be so willing to let a bunch of kids play around on her properties. Too bad we never got her name, because I would post it right here so everyone could send her fan mail. She was seriously really, really nice and friendly. I'd buy her house.

We finally give up on a pretty difficult shot, probably because it was impossible, shoot it another way and head over to E. Henderson Co. on Lupine road in Andover, where the opening and ending scenes take place. It's an awesome location with tons of trucks and crappy looking stuff and the railroad track in back. We figure out an absurd opening dialogue sequence that is potentially outrageously funny. Perry in particular brought some of the most ridiculous improv I have ever witnessed and we all started laughing screwing up about 89% of the takes. Uwe Boll once commented on the failure of his movie Alone in the Dark by saying: "That a script is important." I beg to differ, Dr. Boll. I amend your statement saying: "A script is important when you don't have D.I.K.(e) to make one up on the spot." Seriously, we went into this movie with a script that we completely abandoned and then proceeded to create ALL the dialogue while shooting. Consequently this movie will be about three times as funny while making about 1/3 of the sense that it would normally. We'll take that trade any day. Mainly because this movie is for you, the visitors of our site; so actually I'm really only talking about us. So we make movies for ourselves and thusly the dialogue is aimed at making us laugh.

While shooting a woman who apparently worked at E. Henderson came by and was about two seconds away from kicking us out. Ian pleads for an extra 30 minutes, claiming we're only shooting dialogue. The woman agrees, somewhat begrudgingly (probably because she didn't believe us and rightly so) and says, "you guys can stay, but I'm gonna be here." After seeing that we were in fact only doing dialogue, she leaves amicably and allows us to keep shooting. We finish up the shoot and go to depot for some sweet subs. We come back to my house, review the footage and slap our knees so hard we induce tendentious. 

The next day, we bring back Josh of Josh Owns D.I.K.(e) fame back into motion pictures in a somewhat reprisal of his now infamous role. We do a number of ridiculously funny exchanges between him and Perry. In fact they were so funny, I was holding the camera and needed to pass it off to Dan just because I could literally not stop laughing it was so funny. Even worse than me, Ian had to hide out in his car holding his head to keep himself from laughing interrupting the shoot. Though these mess-ups will make for hilarious outtakes, which we'll hopefully get to show you. Josh finishes up his extensive dialogue, and we pat him on the butt for a job well done. 

Dan, Ian, Perry and I move over to Bancroft school to utilize their Dragon's Lair playground. Though not what it once was, Dragon's Lair 2000 as it's now called is still the best playground in Andover, by far. It's pretty wet out and we're on a tight schedule, but we manage a pretty creative camera move and some interesting footage. Ian belts out one more CLASSIC quote from this movie that I'm sure people will be chanting in the streets for years to come and we call it a day. We know you need them, so here you go. Just look at these production photos:


 I can't even really comment on this picture other than sexual innuendo abounds. Could Eugene be holding that steady cam anymore suggestively? What the hell is Dan even doing? Who took this picture?



Here Perry models his carefully constructed costume and Dan, once again, charges this picture sexually. Someone get that kid a cold shower.



This shoot marked the first time all of our cars were on camera at once. This also gives you a better look at our location. Whatever E. Henderson Co. does, they make it look extremely working-class by virtue of their GRITTY stuff.



Steve and I take a picture while out painting the town. "I just want to dance. I want to express myself through the art of dance."



There were more pictures taken while shooting this movie of people pointing than I can ever remember being a reasonable amount of pictures of people pointing. Alliteration.



Perry warms up before introducing the best character name in a movie this side of Chris Sabion. Name that movie and I will high five your face.



 Steve just walks up to Ian and quietly whispers in his ear, "Hey I've got a lot of cable here and shotgun mic, you like my shotgun mic? Huh, do yah?"



 Either this camera is actually a gun and I'm about to shoot someone unknowingly with it or I just farted. Perhaps both, I really don't remember.



I take that back. I do remember. Again, be your own detective.



 Look at Ian's face and right hand. Look at Perry. What the hell is that face he's making? What is he doing with that plunger? Seriously, between the guest book and these pictures you could make a very strong case against any of our respective, supposed heterosexuality.


And of course, the obligatory stills:


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